When it comes to Conversational Marketing, your goal is to generate more pipeline while creating a personalised, best-in-class customer experience. Ideally, you want to create a better buying experience which, in turn, results in higher engagement from potential customers. Ultimately, this needs to translate into optimising customer engagement.

At VYB, we’ll ensure that you

Convert more of your existing traffic into solid leads

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Did you know that Live Chat messages get up to 15x more customer engagement than email? This is why VYB is focused on engaging with potential buyers as soon as they enter your site. We give VIP visitors a truly red carpet experience from the get-go by acknowledging and verifying them as soon as they enter your site, a capability made possible through our Account-Based Marketing software.

Fast-track site visitors to the right members of your sales team

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Modern consumers do not have the time to fill out a generic customer profile form, nor do they have the patience to wait for your team to call them back before being routed to the person they actually want to talk to. VYB has the tools to ensure that you target your dream customers and with personalised messaging – from the right sales rep – as soon as they enter your site.

Automatically schedule meetings without delaying timelines

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Understandably, your team cannot be on standby to monitor Live Chat 24/7, and that’s okay. When your sales reps aren’t available, our Chatbot/s take over with targeted automated messaging. This feature also enables customers to book meetings with the appropriate sales reps at any time of the day or night.

Track the metrics that matter through robust reporting software

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What would a marketing campaign be without the appropriate metrics to corroborate your effort? At the end of the day, measuring the success of your marketing efforts now goes beyond unique visitor numbers or page clicks. Our reporting software will help you track the real impact of your efforts, especially when it comes to the impact of AI solutions on your business – so that you can optimise what really matters.

Shorten your sales cycle with real-time conversations

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Even though consumers are looking for speedy customer engagement and service (which is often automated for that purpose), conversations still happen throughout the buying process. Buyers will always have questions and they want their answers fast and to the point. With Vyb’s Live Chat software, you can shorten the sales cycle while giving customers a frictionless buying experience.

Natively integrate our solutions with the tech you’re already using

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We don’t want to change the way you work; we just want to improve it. Vyb will integrate your existing tech solution with our software to ensure an easy, streamlined integration that doesn’t overhaul your business processes.

Integrate with your current tech stack

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