Conversational Marketing

Conversational Marketing combines inbound and outbound marketing tactics to initiate real-time, one-on-one conversations with your target audience. Through targeted messaging and intelligent chatbots, you can ensure a personalised, friction-free customer experience for each of your unique website visitors. You’ll also be blazing a faster path to revenue for your business because – let’s admit it – the deal is hardly ever sealed until you’ve had an actual conversation with your prospect.

Through Conversational Marketing you have the opportunity to capture, qualify and connect with potential customers round the clock, eliminating the hurdles brought on by traditional marketing funnels. Conversational Marketing immediately connects your target customer with the information they need, eliminating a traditionally slow response time where customers and buyers would have to wait for a follow up phone call or email.

Traditional Marketing Funnel


Land on website


Fill out form


Become lead in CRM


Get score and assigned a lead


Call, call, call


Enroll in automation email


Respond to outreach


Schedules qualifying call


Schedules sales call


Talk to someone (Maybe)

Rather, through chatbots and targeted messaging services, consumers are able to engage with your business whenever it’s convenient for them. They are guided to information relevant to their specific query – or to the right member of your sales team – and they can book meetings through an automated system, freeing up your employees to spend their time liaising with buyers, rather than chasing leads.

Business Centric vs Customer Centric

The OLD way: Business Centric

I have to be qualified by the COMPANY

I have to follow the process of the COMPANY

I get RANDOM emails and calls when I’m busy

I get a GENERIC experience that isn’t personalised

I CAN’T FIND the right information fast enough

The NEW way: Customer Centric

I want to be treated like a PERSON

I want to buy on MY TERMS and TIMELINE

I want to ENGAGE on my terms

I want an experience PERSONALISED to my needs

I want to find what I need NOW

So what do buyers want?

Buyers and customers want an experience which is less about making the sale than it is about prioritising their needs.

The average email open rate has fallen to

0 %
0 %

of people answer cold calls

The average landing page conversion rate is only

0 %

When the modern consumer chooses to engage with a business, your team needs to be at the ready when they come knocking.

Moreover, you need to ensure a personalised and convenient customer experience. It becomes too easy for consumers to seek out your competitors!

Being able to engage and qualify your visitors 24/7/365, you stand a far better chance of converting them into the long-term customers you’re looking for.

  • You are able to listen to your customers’ needs, understand their unique situation and demonstrate empathy that offers them a personalised, one-on-one customer experience at scale.
  • You can build trust with your customers by matching their individual needs with your products and services.
  • You can create content that answers their questions immediately, which eliminates a lengthy buying process.

Through Conversational Marketing you can:

Create a more human buying experience

Gain insight about potential clients

Convert more leads with personalised interaction

Shorten your sales cycle

Grow your sales pipeline

At Vyb, we’re focused on building customer-centric experiences

Our approach ensures that you instantly connect with your buyers and customers, increase close rates and retain customers.

With us, you can create the best possible customer experience for your buyers, ensuring that you build long-lasting relationships
with potential leads that become life-long customers.

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the world are pivoting with
Conversational Marketing

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