In any social situation, you ideally want to be talking to someone who wants to talk to you. The same can be said for chasing leads. Why would you use your best selling points on consumers who aren’t serious about buying what you have to sell?

By the same token, all businesses want to target prospects who can be converted into long-term, loyal customers – especially those big-hitting customers who are traditionally hard to reach, hard to attract and hard to convert.

This is where Account-Based Marketing (ABM) comes in. Also known as ‘whale hunting’ or ‘key account marketing’, ABM is a strategy that exposes your brand to captive buyers and customers who are already interested in what your business has to offer, who understand your narrative and who will buy what you’re selling.

Greet your VIP visitors and Instantly get notified when your target accounts are live on your website

Why you need ABM

Account-Based Marketing is about connecting your dream customers with the right sales team members as soon as they arrive on your website.

When integrated with existing inbound sales and a comprehensive Conversational Marketing strategy, ABM strategies best support companies who are serious about long-term growth. ABM ensures that you find and partner with customers who are the best fit for your company and – most importantly – customers that you want to work with most.

Treat your targeted leads like VIPs the second they hit your site and use Account-Based Marketing to start the right conversations with the right buyers at the right time. ABM employs our intel or a contact list from your own marketing automation solution to target ideal customer profile accounts.

This helps you:

  • Route-in the right sales rep to ensure that a new account falls into the
    right hands.
  • Welcome a target customer with a personalised message from the appropriate sales rep, as well as automatically book a meeting to get the ball rolling.

With ABM, we build a custom experience for each buyer and customer based on where they are in your marketing funnel, which guarantees that your sales team isn’t missing out on opportunities.

To put it simply, ABM:

The benefits of ABM

When integrated with existing inbound marketing strategies,
an ABM strategy ensures that you’re able to:

Align your sales and marketing departments

Streamline your marketing approaches

Reduce the time it takes to approach
and nurture profitable leads

Minimise your overall
sales timeline, per lead

Build creative, targeted campaigns
with a clear focus on ROI

Nurture strong relationships with your most valuable buyers and customers

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