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One common mistake we see is confusing Conversational Marketing with a specific channel. Conversational Marketing is not Live Chat. It’s not Chatbot’s. Yep, we went there. Live Chat and Chatbot’s are tools. Just like blogs, email, analytics, video, and SEO. Marketers today have thousands of potential tools in their toolbox. Conversational Marketing is a strategy. One you should use across the entire customer journey, regardless of the individual tools you use at any point in that journey.

Think about it this way. If you’re using marketing automation, you use it in every point of the customer’s journey. You don’t just use it to acquire customers. You don’t just use it to nurture those customers. You don’t just use it to send emails to customers. You use it for all of these things. Tools such as Live Chat and Chatbot’s are merely just a vehicle in which Conversational Marketing is carried out.

Revenue Acceleration Platform has all you need to carry out the actions set out in our conversational strategy.

Live Chat

In a world where digitally savvy consumers expect instant gratification and a streamlined buying process, a fast and professional
response time has become integral to customer relationship management. This is where Live Chat helps you seal the deal.

Did you know that Live Chat messages get up to 15x more engagement than an email?
Not to mention how many leads you end up losing by making them wait for feedback.

Live Chat will ensure that you

Convert more web visitors into leads

Live Chat offers your website visitors a better buying experience, which will result in higher engagement from potential buyers.

Chat in real-time with your targeted ABM accounts

Live Chat notifies your sales reps when one of their target accounts is on your website. And if your team is unavailable to chat, your chatbot will automatically book meetings on your behalf. This ensures that every qualified buyer has the option to book a meeting and that they never leave your site without the next step prepped.

Connect with buyers when they are ready to chat

It’s important that you’re armed and ready as soon as potential customers are able to engage with your business. Through Live Chat, your buyers have a direct line to your sales team – or Chatbot’s operating on their behalf – at any time of the day or night.

Shorten your sales cycle by getting straight to the point

When your buyers have questions they want answers fast, and Live Chat is often their first port of call. With Live Chat’s capabilities, we can help you build conversation maps around your dream customer, giving you the opportunity to offer targeted information when they return to your website, as well as the capability to route them directly to the right account executive.


In a world that often values a quick turnaround, consumers need results faster than ever before. This means that if a potential customer
needs to wait even just five minutes for an inbound enquiry, you are ten times more likely to lose that customer forever.

So forget about form optimisation. What you should be focusing on is lead response time and that’s where chatbots come in to optimise your leads for business.

Chabot eliminates the need for a prolonged form/feedback process by asking qualification questions and creating leads for business
to streamline your customer relationship management processes. It’s like a personal assistant for your website!

Moreover, Chatbot’s are being able to answer any questions posed by existing clients by drawing from your business’s existing database – with no human
 interaction required. Chatbots are also working constantly in the background to capture information about your leads for business, giving your sales reps the
information they need to offer world-class customer experience.

Chatbot's can help you

Welcome and book meetings for VIP target accounts

Don’t waste any of the effort, time or money you’ve spent on driving high-value accounts to your website. Chatbot’s send personalised welcome messages to VIPs as soon as they get to your site, even if they’re anonymous.

Route conversations to the right member of your team

Our bots use the same logic your company employs – such as territory or company size – to route new leads. And if an existing customer begins a new enquiry, they’ll be directed to the sales rep who has been dealing with them.

Automatically book meetings for your sales team, 24/7

Once a website visitor is qualified, the AI chatbot books the meeting using our Microsoft and Google calendar integration.

Monitor your website traffic round the clock

Our Chatbot’s are intelligent virtual assistants providing helpful content to visitors 24/7. They qualify leads and book meetings for sales every hour of the day, every day of the week. The good news is… you don’t lose any sleep and you never miss out on an important lead.

Meetings Scheduler

The aim of Conversational Marketing is to roll out the red carpet for potential customers by giving them a one-way ticket to your sales reps. This also
means shortening the sales cycle and speeding up customer service to meet the modern consumer’s need for instant gratification.

But the reality is, no one has the time to monitor Live Chat 24/7, and your sales reps won’t always be around. That’s where the meeting scheduler comes in.
Whether your team is clocked out for the day or in another meeting, potential customers won’t have to wait for a call back. They can simply schedule a meeting
online, at any time of the day or night, which means all your team has to do is show up.

Meetings Scheduler ensures that

You never miss a VIP buyer

By the time a target account enters your site they’ve already been qualified – ABM accounts are welcomed with a personalised message and they’re routed to the appropriate sales rep.

Prospects can automatically book meetings at any time of the day or night

The meeting scheduler integrates with your reps’ Google or Microsoft Outlook 365 calendars, allowing the software to read the reps’ availability so they never get double-booked.

Reps can organise a meeting with multiple participants

Meeting scheduler allows you to add multiple participants when scheduling a meeting, ensuring that anyone who needs to be there gets invited.

You get a clear picture of your team’s meeting activities

With Meetings Scheduler’s reporting capabilities, you can analyse how your team is performing with prospects.

New customers can also get routed to an appropriate sales rep

This ensures that new leads are immediately qualified and offered a direct line of help, regardless of whether they were on your ABM list or not.

The Round Robin

For large sales teams, there are often multiple sales reps assigned to each sales territory. In order to make sure leads are being distributed fairly among sales reps, you can set up a “round robin” distribution system.

Thousands of meetings to date have already been scheduled through the meeting scheduler, connecting consumers with the
products and services they need, faster than ever before.

Track the metrics that matter through robust reporting software

What would a marketing campaign be without the appropriate metrics to corroborate your effort? At the end of the day, measuring the success of your marketing now goes beyond unique visitor numbers or page clicks. Our reporting software will help you track the real impact of your marketing efforts, especially when it comes to the impact of AI solutions on your business – so that you can optimise what really matters.

Natively integrate our solutions with the tech you’re already using

We don’t want to change the way you work; we just want to improve it. Vyb will integrate your existing tech solution with our software to
ensure an easy, streamlined integration that doesn’t overhaul
your business processes.

Integrate with your current tech stack

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